For car enthusiasts, washing your vehicle can be an enjoyable and rewarding task. But even those with the best of intentions can often come up short as factors like excessively hot or cold weather, time constraints or simply lacking access to a hose will ensure your ride remains dirty.

Plus, your car is inevitably going to get filthy again even after the best wash job. That may not always be the case, however, if Nissan has anything to say about it. The automaker recently showed off a new super-hydrophobic and oleophobic paint called Ultra-Ever Dry that aims to repel water, dirt and even oil.

Similar in theory to how Scotchgard protects upholstery, the technology creates a protective layer of air between the paint and the elements. And as you can see in the promotional video above, it actually does a really good job. It's not perfect but it's certainly better than not washing your car at all.

The company said it performed well against rain, spray, frost, sleet and standing water as part of their internal testing. Nissan plans to expand on those tests in Europe in the coming months to expose it to additional conditions that the average driver might encounter.

While there aren't any plans to make the paint a standard feature, Nissan didn't rule out the possibility of adding the paint as a potential add-on for interested buyers. No word yet on how the coating might cost, however.