As Amazon ramps up its cloud services, a new report says the company is looking into building its own server chips. Based on a number of job listings and various sources close to the matter, the company appears to be very interested in ARM architecture for those chips and has been on an aggressive hiring spree to push the project along.

Amazon has reportedly hired several chip engineers formerly employed by ARM-based server company Calxeda. The small start-up was located in Austin, Texas, the same place Amazon runs much of its cloud services from. Among the chip engineers, Amazon is said to have hired Calxeda's former CTO and to of posted job listings for a CPU Architect/Micro-architect, among other things.

The retail giant is also said to have put many of the related hires to work as of March, taking up positions like Principal Engineer, Silicon Optimization and Hardware Design Engineer, Director of Silicon Optimizations at Amazon Web Services.

Most analysts agree that the recent hires and job listings certainly point at the company looking into its own chip hardware, especially considering you likely wouldn't require a chip architect unless you were planning on building your own. Even with the massive costs of an endeavor of this nature, some suggest it may actually be a smart move for Amazon considering how much the cost of designing your own silicon has dropped. While both Google and Facebook are said to be looking into custom chip designs alongside Amazon, some analysts have said it will be 3 to 5 years before we start to see custom silicon of this nature start to emerge.