Are you prone to forgetting your parking spot? Well, If you use Google Now, that might not happen again. The company yesterday updated its Android Search app to add a new card that will remember where you parked your car. It'll also show a map that lets you know how far you are from that location.

“When the card shows up in Google Now, you’ll see an indicator showing the approximate location of your car. To see other locations where you’ve recently parked, touch Previous locations. Your location data for parking location cards isn’t shared with anyone else”, Google explains.

The update was first noticed by Android Police.

You don't have to manually check in or set the location, as it'll automatically happen in the background provided you have location services enabled. The company says Google Now uses your device’s sensors to know when you leave a moving vehicle.

However, this also means that you may see parking location cards even if you didn’t park your car. For example, after exiting a bus or a friend’s car.

Additionally, the new Google Search 3.4 also lets you manage nicknames from Settings. While the earlier versions allowed you to set custom nicknames for contacts like "my son" or "my boss", you can now manage or remove those from Settings -> Accounts & Privacy.

Other changes that the update brings include: new reminders interface with better arrangement of past reminders, 'Help' and 'Send feedback' are now combined into a single item 'Help & feedback', offline mode no longer clears all cards, and the ability to open some settings by voice. The update also kills popular Xposed module GEL Settings (XGELS).

The app is currently rolling out, but as it's a staged roll out, it may take a few days to reach everyone. For those who cannot wait any longer, you can download the APK file directly from here.