Antivirus software pioneer John McAfee has launched a new secure messaging app called Chadder. Created by McAfee’s development company Future Tense Private Systems in partnership with New York-based startup Etransfr, the app is described as an unprecedented messaging platform that uses key server encryption technology to ensure that only the intended recipient can read messages.

As The Next Web highlights, you provide a nickname, username and password when first signing up. Once logged into the app, you can add your e-mail address and mobile phone number in an effort to help others find you – that is, if you want. Otherwise, you can simply generate a code that can be given to friends to assist in making the initial connection.

In the event that someone does manage to intercept a message, all they’d see would be a garbled mess of encrypted text.

The publication attempted to put the app to the test but came up short. They tried to use the Generate Code and Find by E-mail options but neither seemed to be working as they couldn’t find other users. It’s likely just a bug as this is still very early in the app’s life but even still, not being able to find your friends is a pretty serious issue.

The app is available as of writing for Android and Windows Phone; an iOS version is reportedly coming in a few weeks.