You could soon use Google Glass to send money to your friends, as the search giant is planning to debut Google Wallet on their high-tech eye gear, according to TechCrunch. The company is currently testing the system internally and has plans to rollout to all Glass explorers in the near future.

Wallet on Glass would look much the same way it does on other devices. You'll be able to make mobile payments from within the app by simply using your voice and going through a few gestures and swipes.

Right now, in order to install Wallet, you'd have to be logged into a computer on Google’s corporate network and get the Wallet glassware from there. Once the service is set up users can start sending money from Glass.

Sending money directly from your bank account or using your Google Wallet Balance is free to all, but there's a 2.9% fee per transaction (minimum $0.30) to send money using a credit or debit card.

Google introduced the world to its mobile payment system in May 2011. Last May, the company announced that Wallet users could make payments from Gmail, and in September last year, it revealed an updated Wallet app for Android and iOS devices.

Recently, the company introduced a new Wallet app feature that lets buyers keep a close eye on their online purchases.