A huge orange Amazon locker was spotted on Thursday in downtown San Francisco. Located near the city's iconic Ferry Building, a popular marketplace with heavy foot fall, the box is quite big, enough to fit a car.

It's plugged into power and appears fully functional, with a keypad and display screen where people can enter their code and collect things they've purchased online. "Hello, my name is Giant. Amazon.com/locker", it reads.

Why exactly Amazon has put a locker in the plaza remains unclear. According to Cnet, a spokeswoman for the city's parks and recreation department has only confirmed that the company licensed the plaza for an event.

The Wall Street Journal, who was the first to spot the locker, claims that the retailer is holding a promotional event on Friday during which people will be filmed using the locker. The company will reportedly send out codes to customers which they can use to open the locker and claim gifts.

Amazon is already providing self-service lockers in many cities, but the 'Giant' stunt could be an indication of a widespread roll out.

Both Amazon and Bad Company Films, a production firm which is holding the event, declined to comment.