PlayStation Now, Sony's upcoming game streaming service that was first announced at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, is now available on the PlayStation 4 through a private beta testing program.

Those that have already registered for the private beta - or presumably, those that register ASAP - will soon receive an access code by e-mail. The beta rollout might be slow, however, as they are asking potential participants to be patient during the selection process.

Interested parties will first need a Sony Entertainment Network account and it's also recommended to have a stable broadband connection capable of at least 5Mbps down.

The service has been in private beta on the PlayStation 3 for some months now and according to Sony, things have been going great so far. In a blog post on the matter, the company said beta testers have logged more than 50,000 gameplay hours thus far and have been valuable in providing feedback to make the service even better.

PlayStation Now is based on technology from Gaikai, a former rival of OnLive. If you recall, the Japanese electronics giant purchased the cloud gaming service in the summer of 2012 as part of a deal valued at $380 million. Most speculated at the time that we'd eventually see Sony implement the service using PlayStation consoles or smart televisions.

Sony is still planning to publically roll out PlayStation Now this summer. No word yet on how they plan to structure the service and handle pricing, however.