In the latter part of 2013, two companies decided to try something different by debuting devices with curved displays. While Samsung has yet to introduce its device to the majority of the world, LG has successfully launched the G Flex to a global market. What is perhaps most unique about the G Flex is not only its curved design, but also its ability to actually lay flat under unintended stress.

LG, a long-term player in the smartphone market, for the most part has created forgettable devices for the mid to low-end market. Even LG's previous flagships like the Optimus 2X/4X, have failed to gain traction.

Slowly re-building its efforts over the past couple of years, LG has slowly blossomed into creating recognizable flagship devices. It has been a long and arduous journey, but LG is finally getting close to success after being tasked with creating Google's Nexus 4 and 5. Utilizing the momentum, LG has created some of its own flagship devices like the G2, G2 Pro and G Pad devices.

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