Streaming music service Spotify on Tuesday announced that hacker(s) recently managed to infiltrate their network. Interestingly enough, only one Spotify user's data had been accessed and it didn't include any password, financial or payment information according to an official blog post on the matter.

The company notes that as soon as they became aware of the issue, they immediately launched an investigation. The single person whose account was compromised has been contacted and based on their findings, they are not aware of any increased risk to other users as a result of the incident.

Spotify isn't taking the breach lightly, however, as they will be asking certain members to re-enter their username and password to log in over the coming days as a general precaution. Furthermore, the company will be urging Android app users to upgrade to the latest release over the next few days. Note that you'll need to re-download offline playlists after installing the new version.

The company said they don't believe the incident will affect the overall ecosystem of an Android handset in any way.

Naturally, Spotify only recommends you install the Android app from the Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore or through Spotify's mobile website as third-party apps can't be guaranteed to be safe.

Those using iOS and Windows Phone versions of Spotify appear to be in the clear as there is no action recommended at this time.