Billboard and Twitter on Tuesday launched the Billboard Twitter Real-Time Charts. The first charts to go live include the Billboard Twitter Trending 140, the Billboard Twitter Emerging Artists and the weekly Billboard Twitter Top Tracks according to a press release on the matter.

Billboard Twitter Trending 140 provides up-to-the-minute ranking of songs shared in the US and is measured by acceleration over the past hour. The Billboard Twitter Emerging Artists chart, meanwhile, measures songs by artists that are on the rise on Twitter and includes artists without a Billboard top 50-peaking song on the Hot 100 and those with fewer than 50,000 Twitter followers.

The charts are a result of Twitter's multi-year partnership with Billboard which was announced back in March. It represents the first phase of their new music strategy after killing off its music discovery service.

It's an area that Twitter could have a lot of success in. The company has said in the past that music is the most-discussed topic on Twitter with users sending more than a billion tweets about tunes in 2013 alone. Some 100 million of those tweets came from music-related accounts. Thus far in 2014, people have published more than 40 million tweets about songs from music streaming services according to Mashable.

Data from the real-time charts will be available on and in print through the Billboard magazine each week.