Tired of lugging around that hefty DSLR but don't want to fool with having to sell it on eBay or Craigslist? If you answered "yes" and a sleeker mirrorless camera is something you could see yourself shooting with, an upcoming promotion from Samsung might be worth looking into.

As part of their #DitchTheDSLR campaign, Samsung is inviting DSLR owners to a special event in Times Square on June 4 between 42nd and 43rd streets where they will be giving away free NX30 mirrorless cameras with an 18-55mm 3.5 - 5.6 OIS lens in exchange for old DSLR camera bodies.

The event runs from 12pm through 6pm while supplies last but the best part is that Samsung will reportedly accept any old DSLR on trade. Depending on what you trade in, you could make away like a bandit as the NX30 with lens kit retails for around $850.

Even if you aren't interested in trading in your DSLR, there's still plenty of reasons to attend. Samsung will have their entire camera lineup on display for some hands-on testing. We're also hearing that Samsung will be passing out $50 off coupons to anyone willing to "pledge" to ditch their DSLR on Twitter for one of Samsung's shooters.

Whether or not such an offer makes sense will largely depend on the type of camera you currently own. If you have a cheapo DSLR and aren't heavily invested in the platform yet, then yeah, it might be worth it. Ditto for those that have a dated camera in the closet or happen across one at a thrift store.

But if you're heavily invested in your DSLR and have several lenses, this doesn't make much sense.