There's been a ton of discussion as it relates to cord-cutters and their impact on pay-TV services but what happens after they make the switch? Are they happy with the decision or do they wish they'd kept paying for live services?

Fortunately we now have some answers courtesy of a new study from nScreenMedia called View My Video: Consumer Digital Media Consumption.

The study found that 84 perfect of cord-cutters are at least somewhat happy with their decision. Interestingly enough, 37 percent of those surveyed said they were so satisfied that they'll never consider going back to a traditional pay-TV model.

Not everyone was happy with the decision, however. Roughly eight percent of cord-cutters said they were pretty unhappy with the experience thus far while nine percent said they disliked it so much that they wanted to return to cable television.

nScreenMedia surveyed 1,000 adults in the US with broadband access for the study. There are a few odd bits to point out about the study, however, like the fact that 10 percent of participants weren't actually cord-cutters as they'd never subscribed to pay-TV services (such people are referred to as cord-nevers).

If nothing else, the study highlights the continued challenges that cable television operators face as alternative forms of content delivery continue to emerge and get better. It also proves that it could be incredibly difficult for traditional operators to try and win back cord-cutters after the fact.