To show off what can be done with their upcoming <5W 14nm Core M processors (aka. Broadwell Y), Intel has produced a reference 2-in-1 tablet codenamed 'Llama Mountain', which was on show at their Computex 2014 booth in Taipei.

Incredibly, the tablet is thinner than the iPad Air, coming in at 7.2mm thick, but it packs the power of a fully-fledged PC with a 12.5-inch display. When docked into the keyboard base it transforms into a thin and portable laptop, as we've seen with numerous 2-in-1 designs including Asus' upcoming Transformer Book T300 Chi, which is powered by Core M.

Llama Mountain is fully fanless and, according to an Intel executive I spoke with at the booth, has good battery life and keeps surprisingly cool. It's all in a package that weighs around 670 grams, constructed from what appears to be soft-touch plastic.

Unfortunately Intel insisted that I couldn't get hands on time with the unit, because they assumed I would look through the system information to gather data on Broadwell, which they haven't fully detailed themselves. Pretty disappointing, but somewhat understandable.

Intel expects that products similar to Llama Mountain, such as the aforementioned T300 Chi, will be available around the holiday product refresh. As it's a reference platform, Llama Mountain won't be sold to consumers at all.