Newegg is one of the top destinations for PC hardware enthusiasts and electronics buffs alike when it comes to buying new components but unfortunately, the company's service is only available to those living in Australia, Canada, the UK and the US. That'll be changing soon as Newegg will be expanding to six additional countries by the end of June: India, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland and Singapore.

The expansion is part of Newegg's overall plan to gain global brand recognition. The company plans to offer translation services to better serve the new markets according to CNET.

While sales of computers may be on the decline, Newegg has been getting along just fine if sales figures are any indication. Sales of portable gaming laptops are up 90 percent year-over-year while PC sales in general have shot up 51 percent.

Newegg chief marketing officer Soren Mills said gaming and e-sports are the next big thing and his company is in a position to take advantage of the emerging trend.

The news came during Newegg's roundtable panel on the final day of the Computex, one of the largest and most respected computer and technology trade shows in the world. It was first established in 1981 as the Taipei Computer Show and has since become the second largest computer expo in the world behind CeBIT.

This year's show saw a number of new products emerge in the hardware enthusiast sector. You can check out our full Computex 2014 coverage here.