Retro PC gaming specialist Good Old Games (GOG) is launching a digital platform similar to Steam. GOG Galaxy, announced during CD Projekt Red's annual conference, is being marketed as a completely optional service according to a report from GameSpot.

The promo clip above notes that some gamers today don't actually feel like they own their games due to DRM restrictions. It also touches on the hurdles that often have to be overcome including creating new accounts and having an Internet connection just to play a single-player title.

GOG Galaxy aims to be a gamer friendly, DRM-free service.

Much like Valve's digital distribution platform, GOG Galaxy users will enjoy automatic game updates as well as the ability to chat with friends and compare achievements. Many of these features will obviously require an Internet connection and an online profile but the games themselves will not require an active connection.

Unfortunately this is pretty much all we know about the service at this time as things like cross-play with other services and a launch date weren't addressed. An official website for the service only notes that more news is coming sometime this year.

Do you have any interest in GOG Galaxy based on what we know thus far? If so, do you think it is poised to become a serious competitor to established platforms like Steam, Origin and Uplay? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.