Gaming peripheral maker SteelSeries has announced an eye tracking accessory called the Sentry Eye Tracker. Unlike other camera-assisted tracking devices, the Sentry isn't used as a motion controller (yet) but is instead designed as a training tool for competitive gamers.

Developed in conjunction with Tobii Technology, the camera sits beneath a monitor and uses infrared light to track the movement of the player's retina. Using a bit of mathematics, the system is able to determine which part of the screen the player is viewing at any given time - a statistic known as fixations per minute (FPM).

Similar to actions per minute, FPMs give insight into how often a gamer shifts their focus around a screen while playing. The hope is that competitive gamers will be able to use the data to reveal areas of strength as well as highlight areas of their game that need improvement.

For example, focusing on one area for too long could mean the player isn't processing information in that region fast enough. It may sound silly to the casual gamer, but competing at the top level is a totally different experience.

Patrik 'cArn' Sättermon, chief gaming officer and former captain of Team Fnatic, said they are constantly looking for ways to improve. He added that even an improvement at a granular level will sometimes be the difference between death and victory.

The Sentry Eye Tracker is expected to hit the market later this year at an undisclosed price point.