MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom's legal woes are far from over. The Internet entrepreneur is fighting extradition to the United States where he is facing the largest copyright infringement case in history in addition to civil lawsuits from the Motion Picture Association of America and the Recording Industry Association of America stemming from the 2012 shutdown of his file hosting company.

The public narrative of how things have transpired in the case thus far has been covered time and time again but not everyone is buying the official story. Specifically, Dotcom and his legal team believe he was illegally targeted as part of a conspiracy between parties that may include New Zealand and US authorities, Hollywood studios and spy agencies.

The only problem is that he doesn't have the evidence to prove it, at least not yet. Dotcom is hoping that a $5 million bounty will help uncover some answers.

Dotcom announced the bounty, payable to anyone that provides useful information in the case, via Twitter.

In a follow-up interview with TorrentFreak, Dotcom said they are looking for information that proves unlawful or corrupt conduct by any parties involved. He said it is the opinion of his legal team that disclosure of such information would be lawful. Furthermore, Dotcom also promised the best legal representation at zero cost to any whistleblower that comes forward.

Those with information are encouraged to reach out to a well-known newspaper with a proven track-record in handling leaks like the Guardian.