The United States has filed the necessary paperwork to facilitate the extradition of MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom and three associates. The papers were filed with the North Shore District Court in Auckland, New Zealand but aren't being released at this time, according to a report from PC World.

US authorities are seeking Dotcom on charges of conspiring to commit racketeering and copyright infringement. Dotcom, who moonlighted as the world's top Modern Warfare 3 player, was arrested along with three others on January 19 as part of a joint effort between the United States and New Zealand.

The MegaUpload owner was released on bail on February 22 pursuant to multiple stipulations including being barred from using the Internet and submitting to house arrest with electronic monitoring. His pregnant wife Mona Dotcom and their three children are allowed to stay with him at his mansion near Auckland.

The High Court of New Zealand, Auckland Registry decided last week that Dotcom could remain free on bail while awaiting the extradition hearing. A judge overseeing the matter felt that Dotcom wasn't a serious enough flight risk to warrant another six months of incarceration. Furthermore, the counsel voiced their opinion stating that if Dotcom were to remain behind bars, he wouldn't be able to properly prepare for the hearing and instruct those representing him.

In addition to Dotcom, authorities in the US are seeking the extradition of Finn Batato, Mathias Ortmann and Bram van der Kolk who were all senior members at MegaUpload before being shut down.

Photo from the Associated Press.