Earlier this month Amazon sent out invitations to a June 18 event in Seattle for what is believed to be the official reveal of the company's new smartphone. The online retail giant has now announced some numbers regarding the growth of its Appstore in what sounds like a primer for this week's unveiling. 

The Amazon Appstore has almost tripled in size over the last year, according to the company. The mobile marketplace offers apps for Amazon's own Kindle line of devices but also for many other Android smartphones and tablets. It now boasts more than 240,000 games and apps that are available in almost 200 countries. The company also notes that its Amazon Coin virtual currency has also become quite popular among users saying that "hundreds of millions of Amazon Coins" have been spent on content from the retailer's Appstore.

Amazon says the growth of its marketplace over the last year has started to draw in the attention of more developers as well. The company notes the rate in which developers are joining the service per month has nearly doubled across 2013. 

The growth isn't just because of the marketplace's reach to Android devices, but also Amazon's own forked Kindles as well. The company goes on to mention some monetization numbers for devs on its Kindle devices noting that "65% of developers said that Total Revenue on Kindle Fire is the same or better than developers' experience with other platforms," according to an IDC survey. As it is likely Amazon's smartphone could be running a very similar OS as its current Kindles, the company is making it very apparent that its Appstore is on the rise and that its mobile platform brings in money for developers ahead of this week's expected reveal.