Amazon says its Appstore library nearly tripled year-over-year, ahead of expected smartphone reveal

Justin Kahn

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Earlier this month Amazon sent out invitations to a June 18 event in Seattle for what is believed to be the official reveal of the company's new smartphone. The online retail giant has now announced some numbers regarding the growth...

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Bull. Most of the free apps on Google play you have to pay for on Amazon. We have both and I have compared. Amazon is a rip off


I've been using Amazon App store since it first hit the scene and really its a toss.
I have more apps on Amazon than I do GooglePlay, because Amazon has better sales and over time have gotten 99% of all the paid apps and games I've ever wanted for either free or less than half price compared to GooglePlay.

I only use GooglePlay to keep free stuff up-to-date that's not on F-Dorid and for paid root tools.

Note: I do not use my mobile devices for Music, or Video as I have no interest in them on mobile devices so my oppion is based purely on apps and games.


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I don't understand why people would even use Amazons Android store. Maybe they haven't heard of Google's Play store yet, that's the only excuse I can think of.
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