Today, Google unveiled its upcoming domain registration service that appears to still be in invite-only beta at this point. Known as Google Domains, as you likely imagined, it was built by Google's small business division and appears to be aimed towards the large number of small businesses that still don't have websites.

According to reports, Google says that 55% off small businesses still don't have a website and plans to help these new companies increase their web presence. When the service finally launches publicly it sounds like it will basically allow for much of the same buying and selling of domains found on other services but without any other add-ons.

Google Domains won't do any hosting or any other extra services for its clients, but has instead teamed up with what it calls its "website building providers" or already established services like Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly and Wix to handle additional services. Google notes that, for an additional fee, the aforementioned services will offer users access to hosting, customizable web templates, e-commerce options, drag & drop creation tools and mobile site-management.

Like we mentioned above, the service is still only available to those that have received an invitation. For those interested, you can request an invite from the main Google Domains page, otherwise you'll have to wait for the beta to open up completely.