Watching videos on YouTube will soon be more enjoyable than ever. The Google-owned company has flipped the switch on support for videos of up to 60 frames per second which means video game footage in particular will finally look as it does when playing the actual game.

YouTube has uploaded a few sample clips running in 60 frames per second, namely this Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Trailer and this Titanfall gameplay footage. For a non-video game glimpse, check out this snipped from season 2 of Video Game High School. Naturally, you'll need to enable 1080p HD resolution to experience the difference.

Higher quality video options are just one part of the overall picture as YouTube announced several other new features for content creators during VidCon. For example, a new Creator Studio app will help you manage your videos on the go while a new Audio Library with sound effects means you won't have to go through extreme lengths to create your own audio effects (all are royalty-free, as well).

Elsewhere, YouTube is testing a new Fan Funding feature that allows fans to contribute money to support your channel. Those interested in giving it a try can sign up here.

Other new features on the horizon include Creator Credits, subtitles contributed from fans, info cards and more playlist options. These are in addition to the new deal between SiriusXM and YouTube which will produce a weekly top 15 show called The YouTube 15.