Looks like shopping via tweets will soon be possible within the popular micro-blogging service after a new Buy Now button appeared on several tweets yesterday. Re/code was first to spot the button, but reported that nothing happened when it was clicked. A tipster told the tech news site that earlier in the day the tweets linked back to a shopping site called Fancy, the same website that accidentally revealed Twitter's e-commerce plans earlier.

The new button, which appeared in both the Timeline and expanded-tweet views, was only visible in Twitter's official mobile app and not on the service's web version or third party Twitter clients.

As Twitter and Fancy remain tight-lipped on the matter, it's unclear whether this was a deliberate move or yet another accidental leak from the shopping website. The tweets no longer appear in the same form now.

Whatever the case may be it appears the 'Buy Now' button has made it far enough to become yet another Twitter experiment. If and when the button will become a regular feature is another question, as Twitter has a history of shelving experimental features.

Until now, Twitter has relied on sponsored tweets, essentially advertising, to make money. But back in April, a Wall Street Journal report claimed that multiple ad products and improved ways to target users are on the way for the micro blogging service.