Puzzle-solving aficionados and those of a certain age may remember a computer game called The Incredible Machine. The title, which tasks players with building Rube Goldberg style contraptions to accomplish basic tasks like putting a ball in a box or lighting a bomb, first hit the scene in the early '90s and ultimately spawned what seemed like dozens of sequels and spinoffs.

Now after more than 20 years, the original team behind the series is back with a new concept called Contraption Maker. Technically, it's been around for the past 10 months as a Steam Early Access title and after multiple updates during that time, it's finally ready for a proper release.

The spiritual successor launched earlier today on Steam with 140 base puzzles to solve. Much like the original, players will need to use random objects and items like bowling balls, vacuums, tea pots, pinwheels, generators and more to pull off the task at hand.

In the unlikely event you make it through the entire game, there's also a custom puzzle creator that allows everyday gamers to build their own zany levels and share them via Steam. The platform's vast community will ensure a steady stream of new puzzles to try for the foreseeable future.

The game retails for $14.99 and is available as of writing for Windows and Mac. It's also slated to arrive on Android, iOS and SteamOS at some point in the near future, we're told.