LinkedIn on Monday announced they have agreed to purchase Newsle, a startup that specializes in providing alerts anytime someone in your network is mentioned on the web. Terms of the deal were not immediately disclosed.

As outlined in a Newsle blog post, the entire team of engineers as well as founders Jonah Varon and Axel Hansen will be making the move to LinkedIn.

Newsle got started three years ago as an alternative to Google Alerts. Their service uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to find articles and blogs that mention you or anyone you care about - colleagues, bosses, people you follow on social media, etc.

Since its inception, the startup has managed to raise $2.6 million in funding and attract roughly two million users. Investors include SV Angel, Bloomberg Beta, Maveron and Transmedia Capital, just to name a few.

The good news for existing users is that Newsle will remain online as a standalone service for now. With the acquisition, LinkedIn will simply look to combine the startup's functionality with their core services. Of course, that could all change at some point down the road.

Newsle is just one of many recent acquisitions designed to bolster LinkedIn's overall offering. Back in February, the business-oriented social network scooped up job matching startup Bright for $120 million. They also purchased Pulse a little over a year ago and introduced the Influencers program in October 2012.