With a mix between the concepts Netflix and Kickstarter made popular, BitTorrent will be entering into the original content space in a unique way. Coming this fall, the company will be introducing the pilot episode of its very first original show called Children of the Machine through BitTorrent Bundles. Having already been downloaded over 100 million times, Bundles are essentially a way for content creators to both interface with and distribute directly to fans and consumers. After giving up an email address users are able to download the content, which features acts like Madonna and Moby, for completely free. But now, BitTorrent is introducing the capability for artists and content creators to add a paywall to the Bundles in what could amount to a type of crowdfunding like service as much as an on-demand one.

Marco Weber of Rapid Eyes Studios, who is partnered with BitTorrent on the production of Children of the Machine, said the paywall allows for content creators to have full control over how their work is funded. "I looked at how Kickstarter evolved, and the success of Netflix...And my idea was to marry these two concepts," Weber said.

While Children of the Machine's pilot episode will be free, it will be up to users as to whether or not to the show will continue from there. As many as 250,000 people will need to pitch in about $10 each via Bundle paywalls in order for the show to continue for an entire first season. While certainly not guaranteed with a funding goal that lofty, BitTorrent is reportedly adding a free music artist Bundle to the mix in order to sweeten the deal. There have been no details as to which artist and what that Bundle will include at this time.