Waiting around to check out the new look of the Play Store ever since Google announced it was due for a facelift? Well, you can head over to the storefront to check out if you've made it to an early batch, as Google's aesthetically-pleasing Play Store update is rolling out gradually right now. 

The visual update includes larger icons and artwork, new animations, and an overall cleaner look with information laid out in a way that's easier to understand at a glance – with significantly more scrolling, though. It may be a little different than what you're used to, but it's certainly worth taking a look at. 

Google announced the update via Twitter, with colorful headers denoting the changes with vivid imagery featuring some of the content you can pick up from the Play Store, including Rio 2 and Lana Del Rey's Ultraviolence album.

The update should be hitting all individual devices within the next few days, but Engadget reports Android Police has an installer if you just can't wait to check out the fresh coat of paint for the Play Store.  

Let us know if you're already running the redesigned Play Store and how it measures up to your expectations. Anything that streamlines browsing and finding apps, information, and content is going to make life easier, especially if you often find yourself browsing for something new to play or listen.