Amazon has now launched a new "on-demand" 3D Printer Store, that doesn't only sell printers but also a wide range of customizable 3D printed items. Customers can purchase everything from bobble head-like dolls, jewelry, home decor items, toys, games, tech accessories and 3D printed GoPro accessories among other things.

The level of customization varies depending on the item, but in some cases you'll find choices regarding material, texture, colors, sizes as well as other custom item-specific touches. On the Mixee Me doll, for example, the level of customization is quite deep, giving users access to everything from eye, mouth and hair type/color, as well as outfit variations with custom text. As you can see in the the image below, Amazon offers a handy customization interface via the "Personalize Now" button, where you can get a full view of your creation.

Amazon has teamed up with experienced 3D printing companies like Mixee Labs, 3LDT, and Sculpteo to handle all of the actual production and manufacturing. It appears the items are being fulfilled by the above companies as well and Amazon is simply providing the storefront and order infrastructure. 

As the price of personal 3D Printers has dropped to a somewhat affordable price range for some, this may be in part Amazon's way to entice more customers to buy printers of their own. You can check out the new on demand 3D Printer Store now.