I've never piloted a drone although I imagine doing so must be a pretty risky endeavor, especially for first-time flyers. Even with all of the preparation and skill in the world, there's always the possibility that something could go wrong mechanically.

That's why popular drone maker DJI is working on a solution should Murphy's Law arise. DropSafe, as the name implies, is a parachute system for your drone that can be deployed in less than 0.5 seconds in the event of an emergency.

It's reusable by design so you could even test it out before a real emergency occurs to make sure it functions properly. When deployed, it automatically kills power to the drone for what we presume would make for a safer landing.

DJI is quick to point out that the device, designed to mount on the top of your DJI S800 or S1000 and compatible with A2 and WKM flight controllers, is designated as a "drop speed reduction system" and its use does not guarantee it will protect your equipment or prevent injury.

Some might argue against purchasing the DropSafe if there's no guarantee but in the same respect, modern cars have things like seatbelts and airbags that come with no guarantee that you'll walk away from a crash uninjured, either.

The drone maker has yet to publish a release date or purchase price. Heck, even the embedded video wasn't published publically to DJI's YouTube account.