Over a month after Facebook launched Slingshot, a Snapchat-like ephemeral photo and video sharing app, the company yesterday released an update (iOS and Android) that brings the ability to react to reactions, and more.

What truly differentiates Slingshot from Snapchat and other similar apps, is its reply-to-unlock feature that requires you to reciprocate before you get to see what your friend has just sent you. While Facebook sees the feature as a way to increase participation, many see it as a needless hassle.

A reaction shot, however, is an exception, as the original message is already unlocked so you don't need to send a reply to view it. But still missing was being able to send a reaction shot in response to a reaction you receive.

Not anymore. The company has finally added a 'reactions-to-reactions' feature that now lets you immediately react to reactions with text, photo or a video, allowing you to have a smooth conversation.

In addition, the company has also made it easier to see who you're slinging with; the update adds a new My People tab that lets you see everyone you're slinging with in one place at any time. The update has also made it easier for you to find Slingshot users on Facebook and your phone's contacts.