Berlin-based audio sharing platform SoundCloud has launched a new creator partner program called On SoundCloud. This program lays the foundation for content creators to make money from their work.

In order to make this possible, however, SoundCloud had to introduce advertising for the first time ever. As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.

The On SoundCloud program has three tiers: Partner, Pro and Premier. The Partner tier is designated for beginners. It's free to join, upload your tracks and get feedback and basic stats. For $6 per month or $55 annually, Pro members get twice as much total upload time at six hours, more detailed statistics, the ability to post in quiet mode and the ability to spotlight tracks and playlists on your profile.

Members can also sign up for the unlimited plan at $15 / month or $135 / year which includes unlimited track uploads, everything in the aforementioned Pro package plus even more detailed stats.

The new Premier class is the only one of the bunch that includes revenue sharing. It also boasts additional features like promoted tracks and profiles but unfortunately, it's invite-only at this time. It's also worth pointing out that monetization occurs only when content is played in the US.

SoundCloud said they're bringing ads on gradually and those in the US will start to notice occasional ads from brand partners including Comedy Central, Red Bull and Jaguar.