I've said it before and I'll say it again: the world around us is full of beauty, you just sometimes have to look at things from a different perspective. We've shared videos in the past where extreme slow motion and simply viewing something from an unusual vantage point makes ordinary things look extraordinary.

Today we have a clip that squarely falls into that latter category.

While maybe not as visually appealing as watching a fireworks display from a drone, this footage of an egg being poached is unlike any you've probably seen before. That's because the author submersed a GoPro camera inside a pot of boiling water to film exactly what happens during the cooking process.

I certainly wouldn't recommend dunking your GoPro in boiling water as the author tells us on Reddit that the camera almost didn't survive. Once the air inside the GoPro's underwater camera got too hot, the case fractured and created a leak that let water in.

After the steamy bath, the LCD screen was black and the camera was very hot and unresponsive. But after a cool down period, everything returned to working order with the footage intact.

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