Twitter began testing a new feature back in March that let select users see just how many people were reading their tweets. In hindsight, it seems Twitter was merely testing part of a larger overall project that debuted last month for advertisers, card publishers and verified users: a full-blown analytics dashboard.

Detailed information about your followers, Twitter cards and tweet activity is now available to the masses in real time.

Specifically, the feature is now accessible to those whose account has been open for at least 14 days, isn't deleted, restricted, protected or suspended, doesn't violate policy and primarily tweets in English, French, Japanese or Spanish.

Unless you are a celebrity or otherwise uber popular, don't expect to be overwhelmed by what you find. By that, I mean you'll probably discover very low engagement. Or in other words, people don't really care what you have to say.

While it's nice that Twitter has decided to release analytics to everyone, I'm not sure of their intent. Like I said, most will probably find low engagement which could discourage further posting. Or it could have the exact opposite effect and encourage users to write more meaningful tweets. But above all else, it's probably a feature that the average Twitter users simply won't care about.

The real winners here are those with an agenda to pushL Journalists, politicians, celebrities and others that would gain from reaching a large pool of followers.