Roughly a year after 'The Update that Changed the World' landed, the team over at Mojang has released the next major update for their ever popular block building game, Minecraft. This release has reportedly taken developers over 300 days to create, and as one would expect, comes with a long list of improvements, additions, as well as bug fixes. 

The Bountiful Update, as Notch and his crew have dubbed it, not only includes new features but important structural changes, too.

The complete list of changes is massive but the highlighted backend improvements includes replacing the hard-coded block renderer with a system that can read block shapes from data files and performance enhancements like multithreading the client-side chunk rendering.

The update also brings new stone blocks (granite, andesite and diorite), slime blocks, banners, armor stands, prismarine and sea lantern blocks, and a spectator game mode. Meanwhile, new commands include /blockdata, /clone, /fill, /particle, /worldborder, /stats and more.

You can read the official release notes in the Minecraft Wiki, or if you are ready to go download the latest version of Minecraft.