The Open webOS project is still alive and well. After over a year since the last major Alpha 2 update, the port has received a name change and is now going by LuneOS. While the latest release supports the Nexus 4, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 (2012), and the HP TouchPad, the development team said it will only be working with the TouchPad and the Nexus 4 moving forward.

LuneOS, which received its name as a homage to the legacy user interface from webOS known as LunaSysMgr, will be on a rolling release schedule. Each updated version will be given a new name based on coffee beverages. The latest version is known as "Affogato."

While the team will only be focusing on the aforementioned devices, it hopes to stir up interest from other developers to support a wider variety of smartphones and tablets. As the team points out it isn't trying "to reach feature comparison with Android or iOS," but rather just a simple and usable community based mobile environment.

While all subject to minor issues at the moment, apps that currently run include a basic browser, Preware, mail, accounts, an initial calendar app and more.

The group also said it plans to have a new release available at the beginning of each month. For those interested in giving LuneOS s try, you will find installation instructions at