Google looks as though it is gearing up to take on third party password managers like 1Password, Dashlane and LastPass. In the latest version of its Chrome Canary build, the company has  added a handy password generator integrated directly into the browser.

Its password manger system has been around for a little while and recently received a fresh overhaul of its own, but now Google is looking to offer up difficult to crack passwords to anyone for free. At this point, once enabled the feature is embedded directly into the Chrome browser and will automatically appear when you navigate to a sign up page. As Google's François Beaufort wrote on Google+, once a user focuses on a password field the new generator overlay will appear suggesting "a strong and pronounceable password that will be saved in your chrome passwords."

While there are a number of third party software solutions out there for password management/creation, as well as a host of browser extensions, those options are still mainly for tech minded people. The convenience and simplicity of Google's option may offer those who don't normally bother with third party apps a quick and easy solution.

It isn't clear whether or not it will become a permanent feature but for those who want to give it a try, you'll need the latest Chrome Canary build and then head to chrome://flags for the "enable-password-generation" and "enable-save-password-bubble" options.