Have you always dreamed of touring ancient Egypt but don't have the money needed to make the dream a reality? Fret not as Google recently deployed staffers to the region equipped with Trekker camera systems to capture 360-degree imagery on your behalf.

In a blog post on the matter, Google suggests starting where most tourists do: at the Pyramids of Giza, one of the seven wonders of the world. These wonders rise from the vast expanse of the Sahara like man-made mountains just a few kilometers from modern-day Cairo.

Another worthwhile stop on the virtual tour is the Great Pyramid, built as a tomb and a symbol of eternity for Pharaoh Khufu. The structure is 139 meters tall (matching the height of the world's highest rollercoaster) and remained the tallest man-made structure on the planet for 3,800 years.

Lest we not forget what is perhaps the most recognizable figure in all of ancient Egypt, the Great Sphinx. The Great Sphinx is the oldest and largest known monumental sculpture in the world. With the head of a human and the body of a lion, most believe the sculpture was built in the likeness of Pharaoh Khafre who ruled the region at the time of construction.

Google's Trekker camera systems have allowed the search giant to tour all sorts of remote locations that traditional camera-equipped vehicles simply cannot reach. Other notable explorations include the Antarctic, the Top Gear test track (ok, so maybe cars can get here), all 12 World Cup stadiums, the Galapagos Islands and trails from the Aloha State.