There were reports last month that Google had increased the app refund time to two hours, but until now there was no official confirmation. The search giant has now updated its support page to make the two hour refund policy official for paid apps and games.

This is definitely a welcome change, given that the previous limit of 15 minutes was never exactly loved by Android users, especially when it came to certain expensive games that required time to determine if they were worth the money.

If you want to return an app or game within two hours of purchase, you can go to the My Apps section in the Google Play Store app, select the software that you wish to return, and then select the "refund" option.

Alternatively, you can also ask for a refund through the Google Play website

The whole process takes a few steps. You'll need to click the gear icon, select the My Orders option, point to the app or game you'd like to return, click the menu icon that appears, select Report a problem option, select the refund option, describe the reason for the refund and click Submit.

If the two-hour return period has passed, Google recommends contacting the app developer directly. Another point worth noting is that you can't return an app or game more than once, which means that if you've already been refunded once, you can't claim a second refund after purchasing the app again.