With the release of the new iPhone 6 and the launch of iOS 8, Apple has released a guide for Android users looking to move over to its platform. The guide offers of up some options for moving all of your Android content over to iOS 8.

While the guide seems handy, offering up options for transferring everything from mail, videos, photos, music and docs to calendars and contacts, some transfer data will require the use of additional apps. Apple seemingly doesn't have a solid system of its own in place for transfers and is suggesting apps like Copy My Data, Photo Sync, and AT&T Mobile Transfer for the data iOS can't deal with on its own. Apple also spends the time to highlight some alternatives to Android apps like its own in house office suite: Numbers, Pages, and Keynote.

For music, Apple simply suggests finding your streaming app of choice and logging in to the iOS version, but for other music files it suggests using the Android File Transfer Tool, which can be found here. As for particular third party apps users would like to move over to iOS, Apple says you're likely to find what you're looking for but you will have to search through the App Store to find it on your own. 

You can view the full guide on Apple's support site for detailed information and suggestions on moving from Android to iOS.