Crowdfunding sites are an excellent way for inventors and startups to build interest (and funding) for a particular project. But once the campaign is over and the product has been delivered to donors, what is the next step?

Even after a successful campaign, not everything has the financial ability or backing to stand on their own two feet. It's for reasons like this that Indiegogo is launching a new pilot program that'll allow campaigners to continue raising money even after their campaign deadline has come and gone.

In a blog post on the matter, Indiegogo said the new functionality will enable campaigns to maintain the exposure, SEO and links they've already built during their campaign without having to start over from scratch. This will allow them to capitalize on existing traffic in addition to being able to manage incoming funds in the same manner they're used to.

For donors, the new pilot means a second chance at getting in on the campaign. There have been several times where I stumble across a campaign I'm interested in only to learn that it has already closed and there's no way I can back it / get the reward I want. This new program should change that.

The pilot kicks off today with select campaigns including Tens and TrackR bravo. The company plans to expand it to all campaigns that have reached their initial funding goals in the coming months.