After e-readers, tablets, and smartphones, Amazon is now looking at wearable devices and connected home devices, and is pumping a lot of money to increase staffing of its secretive Lab126 division. The latter is responsible for the company's hardware devices like the Kindle and the Fire Phone.

The company will reportedly boost the unit's headcount by at least 27 percent over the next five years from the current 3,000 or so full-time employees.

As per the report, Amazon is testing Internet-connected "smart" home gadgets, but unlike other such devices, the company is working on the idea of one-button devices that'll allow you to place orders at the push of a button. For example, the company is already testing a simple Wi-Fi device that could be placed in the kitchen or a cupboard, allowing you to order products like detergent by simply pressing a button.

Amazon is also experimenting with the idea of homes fitted with Internet-connected sensors that would allow the company to tell its customers ahead of time when they need to do stuff like replace air conditioner filters, service washing machines, and more.

It's worth mentioning that Amazon's ideas are curently in early stages and some might never see the light of day.