Are you a streaming video buff that just so happens to be an avid Instagram user and you like to travel? If so, Netflix has a pretty sweet job opening that you might be perfect for - and it pays pretty well, too.

The streaming media giant is searching for three people interested in being the official Instagram voice for Netflix. Those selected will travel to several locations in the US where they'll take photos of iconic film and TV locations to be posted on Netflix's Instagram account.

Applicants are asked to follow Netflix on Instagram then select three of their favorite photos they've taken and tag them with #Grammaster in the caption. Interested parties have until October 7 to submit their photos. A few days later, Netflix will narrow the search down to 10 finalists before selecting three winners a week later.

Winners will then embark on an all-expenses-paid, two-week tour across America where they'll earn $2,000 in cash per week. Netflix didn't outline exactly where the winners will be headed but hinted at the possibility of visiting the sets of Netflix originals and other shows and films.

The potential to hang out on the sets of House of Cards and Orange is the New Black may be reason enough to many to enter although the $4,000 cash payout won't hurt, either. The only issue for some would be trying to take off work for two weeks.

Those interested must be 21 or older and have a smartphone with an Instagram account to apply.