Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter late Wednesday evening to give everyone something to discuss over the next week. In the post, Musk said it’s about time to unveil the “D” and something else.

Accompanying the post was a teaser photo of what is likely the company’s next electric vehicle. It’s anyone’s guess as to what exactly the “D” is but there’s no shortage of speculation.

This past summer, Tesla confirmed plans for a smaller and cheaper electric vehicle dubbed the Model 3. Musk explained at the time that it was to originally be called the Model E but Ford threatened to sue them if they used that name.

Auto Express, which had an exclusive on the story, posted a series of images of the car. The front of that car does resemble what little bit is visible in Musk’s Twitter teaser picture but then again, it also resembles the front bumper of the Model S. Considering Musk said the budget sedan wouldn’t be unveiled until next year, that’s probably not what he has in store for next week.

That said, we could be looking at a revision of Tesla’s first vehicle, the Roadster. Musk promised that the outdated battery pack in its debut ride would be upgraded in the near future. Or perhaps the Model X is hiding behind the garage… although we already know what it looks like as it’s being delivered to customers this fall. Or maybe it's something entirely new.

Whatever the case, we'll find out for sure on October 9.