Hulu has updated its Hulu Plus app for iOS with in-app subscriptions, allowing users to subscribe and create new accounts from within the app.

Prior to this, users had to sign-up for the premium service from the web and then login to their account in the app. This was to get around Apple's policy that requires publishers who want to offer in-app subscriptions inside their apps to give the company a 30 percent cut of each transaction.

When the policy came into effect back in 2011, Hulu went ahead and stripped out the link that sent potential subscribers to its website, but the company has now made a U-turn, which means that Apple will now get 30 percent, or $2.40, of Hulu's monthly subscription fee of $7.99.

The reason for the change of heart, as GigaOM notes, comes from the fact that Hulu is seeing significant mobile growth, with nearly 20 percent of the service's video views now coming from mobile. The company is hoping that the move will boost sign-ups, which in turn will make up for the $2.40 per user per month it'll be paying the iPhone-maker.

Aside from adding in-app subscriptions, the update also refreshes the app's look and feel, adds new navigation options, and makes the it compatible with the newly-released iOS 8. You can download the updated Hulu app from the App Store.