If you are looking forward to buy a Samsung Galaxy Gear S smartwatch, here is some good news: you will now also be able to surf the Internet on the wearable device. Opera has announced that its Opera Mini browser will be available on the Tizen-powered smartwatch.

According to the company, Opera Mini includes many touch-friendly features tailored specifically for small-screen web browsing. For example, the website shortcuts on the browser's Speed Dial appear as large buttons, enabling users to reach their favorite sites in a single tap.

There is also a Smart Page that displays links based on the sites you visit most frequently, as well as a number of suggested links that are sorted by category. You can also add your social-media networks to the Smart Page. The browser also lets you save Web pages for offline reading, a feature that may come in handy when you are in an area with sketchy internet coverage.

Just double-tap with a finger to zoom in, or pinch to attain your desired view, while a gentle swipe with your finger will take you forward and back.

Although it's difficult to say just how productive Internet surfing will be on the Gear S' small 2-inch curved Super AMOLED display, those who are looking to give it a try can download the free browser app from Samsung Gear Apps when the smartwatch goes on sale later this month.