Product leaks are often credited to supply chain insiders or other unnamed sources but every so often, a company flubs by posting something online ahead of schedule. Such was the case Wednesday with Apple's upcoming iPad refresh.

Screenshots of the two new tablets we are almost certain to see take the stage at tomorrow's media event inadvertently made their way to the iTunes Store earlier today as part of a downloadable iPad user guide for iOS 8.

While the slides didn't reveal every single detail about the new slates, they did provide a good bit of information and seem to confirm some of the rumors that have been circulating as of late.

Visually, the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3 look nearly identical to their predecessors save for the addition of Touch ID sensors embedded in the Home button. All other buttons and switches appear to be in the same location as before.

Another new feature hinted at in the user guide is a camera Burst Mode for the iPad Air 2, similar to functionality that debuted on last year's iPhone 5s. There was no mention of this feature coming to the iPad mini 3, however.

That said, most expect the two new iPads to feature updated processors either in the form of the A8 found in the iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus or a slightly more powerful A8X. Apple will also more than likely launch Apple Pay via iOS 8 update.

As always, keep in mind that nothing is final until it's actually announced. If you recall, the long-rumored Surface Mini also showed up in a Surface Pro 3 user guide despite the fact that Microsoft shelved it.