Chromecast, the streaming media dongle that started it all, is due for a revision. Google's second generation streaming stick recently visited the FCC for certification which likely means a release is imminent.

Regulatory documentation didn't provide a wealth of information on the new Chromecast but here is what we did find out.

The device will likely look and function much the like the original. By that, I mean it'll connect via HDMI and will be powered by a micro USB cable. It'll include 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi as before but there's also mention of 5GHz Wi-Fi, an addition that'll make some users very happy while others won't even bat an eye.

Everything else about the new device remains under wraps at this moment so we have no way of knowing if there's a new CPU in play or perhaps more RAM to tap into.

Interestingly enough, six members of the Chromecast team took to Reddit on Thursday for an Ask Me Anything session. In it, Chromecast staffer Jacky Hayward said there are no plans for a big announcement on this one mostly because it will have the same features as the original and most users won't notice a difference.

Unfortunately, they couldn't provide any more information on the topic.

So there you go. After all, if something isn't broken, why try to fix it?