Popular photo-storage and sharing service Flickr has launched a new version of its iOS app, bringing full iPad optimization, and some other new features. The launch is well-timed as it came just a couple of days after Apple unveiled the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3 at a media gathering last week.

The new Flickr App for iPad offers features such as live filters and a set of professional editing tools to improve photos and videos, a new unified search across your photos, albums, groups, and Flickr photos, as well as integration with iOS 8's Share Extension, allowing you to share photos with other third-party services like Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

In addition, the new Flickr app lets you access and edit photo details, and also provides an auto upload feature to store all your photos in the cloud using Flickr's 1TB (1000GB) free storage space.

Acquired by Yahoo back in 2005, Flickr released a redesigned app for the iPhone earlier this year, adding several new features like live filters and HD video recording.

The new app, which is available around the world in English, Italian, French, German, Spanish Portuguese, Indonesian, Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese, can be downloaded from the App Store. However, an important point worth noting is that it requires iOS 8 to work, so make sure that you've updated your device to Apple's latest mobile operating system before you download the app.