Apple announced its first major update to iOS 8 less than a week ago and already, it's been jailbroken by the Pangu dev team. Man, these guys sure work fast. Here's everything you need to know about the iOS 8.1 jailbreak.

Jailbreak v1.0.0 was made available online briefly before being pulled. The team later said on Twitter that they removed it to fix a bug that could delete a user's photos. Shortly after, v.1.0.1 hit the web with the aforementioned bug fix although it's only available in Chinese and for Windows. It's said to be compatible with the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2.

Perhaps the biggest "issue" with the new jailbreak is the fact it doesn't include Cydia, the App Store alternative for jailbroken devices. The app lets iOS users play outside of Apple's "walled garden" and is presented much like the App Store where you can search for apps, themes or other customizations.

The reason for its exclusion is simple enough: Cydia just isn't ready for iOS 8 at the moment.

Cydia developer Jay Freeman (Saurik) posted to Reddit just hours ago that getting Cydia working on iOS 8 is his highest priority. That said, I suspect it'll be ready anytime now.

Because it's missing Cydia, the jailbreak is more or less only good for developers to update their wares for compatibility reasons. As such, most users will be best served by waiting for the final release that includes Cydia. If you want to download the Apple update you can head here if you have an iPhone or here if you have an iPad.