Health and fitness tracking is all the rage today with a myriad of companies trying their hand at the emerging trend. We can now add Nintendo to that list as CEO Satoru Iwata revealed his company is partnering with US-based ResMed to build a device designed to help people develop healthy sleeping habits.

Unlike other companies which favor wearables, Nintendo’s solution is intended to sit on a bedside table and use microwave sensors to monitor a user’s sleep throughout the night. The data it collects will be used to provide tips on how to improve the quality of sleep each night.

The unnamed device will be the first in a newly developed healthcare division within Nintendo. While Iwata didn’t mention specific pricing, the device could be made available on a subscription basis.

The executive also hinted that his company could use its background in gaming to create something fun out of the device. He didn’t elaborate but the first ideas that come to mind include an achievement-based system or virtual points, etc.

It may seem like an odd market for Nintendo to enter but in reality, they have quite a bit of experience in the field already. Nintendo’s Wii encouraged people to get off the couch and interact with games with products like the Wii Fit taking it a step further.

Iwata said we can expect the device to show up sometime during the fiscal year ending March 2016.